A Court Of Mist And Fury By Sarah J. Maas

Hi, guys! Okay, so I know that my last post was a book review but I wantACOMAF-cover1ed to let you know that I LOVED THIS BOOK. Also yes I will put up ACOWAR book review I just don’t know when yet- my reading schedule for the summer is pretty hectic! I also wanted to mention it’s probably going to be purely book reviews this summer because I’m going away for two weeks and I have A LOT of books planned to read, so I’m going, to be honest with you guys, a lot of these are scheduled. I’ll have a post at the end of August on my favourite books of the summer and I’ll have a post up on my trip to Europe sometime in August.

Okay let’s get started: Maybe I’d always been broken and dark inside. This the first line in a court of mist and fury or as I like to refer to it as ACOMAF and to save my fingers from typing all those extra characters we’ll refer to it as ACOMAF. So let’s get started, shall we? At the beginning of the novel, it has jumped three months since Under The Mountain and Feyre is high fae in the midst of PTSD of the traumatic experience. She wakes up every night from nightmares and Tamlin is very absent in their relationship. Rhysand holds a bond on her that she has to visit him in the Night Court for one week every month for the rest of her immortal life. She is miserable in the Spring Court being coddled and babied and being stuck in the house all the time.

One day Tamlin gets pulled away and when she tries and follows but locks her up with a magical boundary around the house. Mor-Rhys’ cousin comes and saves her from the house and brings her to the Night Court. She joins his court and becomes an emissary to the human world.

Feyre and Rhys start training her powers; when she was reborn she got all the powers of the high lords of all the courts, she learns how to winnow and how to control water, and fire, with much more she hasn’t discovered yet. After they are forced to go to the Illyrian training camp Feyre and Rhys are walking in the woods when Lucian finds them. He tries to get Feyre to come with him but just as he tries to grab her sleeve she winnows away from him and back to Rhys and he says shocked

“Feyre what have you done to yourself?” This scene makes me laugh so much and it is a very cute Rhys and Feyre scene. They go to an inn and do some very adult stuff while it’s on my mind let’s talk about the content of this book It is very mature. This is not a YA book, this is very much a fantasy new adult novel but by the time the adult scenes came in ACOTAR I was hooked.

There is so much character and world building in this book. Feyre changes and grows so much as a person; in the beginning she is whiny and annoying but by the end she is kickass and someone you want as a best friend. Another thing I really enjoyed was the relationship between Feyre and Rhysand. Their bond is adorable with their notes and texting back and forth. I thought it was very selfless that he waited until she was in love with him back before telling her she was his mate. I also found her reaction a little confusing because she admitted to herself that she was in love with Rhysand but then when she found out he was her mate she was upset. Then there was that scene in the cabin with Rhys and Feyre when he explains his history of his life and then they go back to the camp and there is a funny scene between Rhys and Cassian. This happens because when the female accepts the males mating offer he becomes extremely territorial of said female and when Cassian said something suggestive to Feyre it made Rhys go crazy and they have a physical fight.

There are many settings throughout the entire book, it starts in the Spring Court with Feyre throwing her guts up every night. The next location is the Night Court and Velaris the secret city within the Night Court. Then there is in the summer court with Tarquin, and then back to Velaris. They are then forced to go to Illyrian training camp and finally the book ends with Rhys in the night court and Feyre in the Spring Court as a spy.

There are many characters in this book, there is Feyre who in the last book got turned into high fae and is now adjusting to life and her new powers. Next is Rhysand or Rhys if you may- he is high lord of the night court. Then there is Tamlin he isn’t in the book much but is mentioned. Then there is Mor Rhys’ cousin and third in command to Rhys’ inner circle, then there is Cassian is head of his army and finally there is Azriel his shadow master who goes to other courts and tells Rhys about them.


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