June 3rd

I have started to add in my new scenes slowly that I’m writing and I just rewrote the ending to the book and will add it in sometime soon. I have about 10+ more scenes to write and that really good because when I took out one of the scenes my word count dropped from 86,000 to 79,000 😦 So I’m bringing that back up, and hopefully it will eventually surpass 86,000!

June 16th 

I have continued editing Primmian, and have moved onto Draft 7- I have brought Primmian back up to 80,725. I have finished outlining the sequel and I am hoping I can come up with a plot for book three but who knows. Right now I am creating character boards for each of my characters, and I highly suggest this because it has helped me find out a lot about my characters! I’ll update again when I have anything else to add!

June 28th

I am currently working on a contemporary novel I’ve been writing for the last six months- I haven’t completely outlined yet but I only write a few pages every now and then so it’s fine thus far. I’m sure when I get to the part I have yet to outline I’ll start pantsing and edit later- it is only the first draft 🙂 I’ve been focusing mainly on Primmian, and my extra Primmian binder which I created to help me stay orginized on the information on the world. I don’t know about other writers but personally I found it quite difficult to keep all the information straight- I also kept forgetting one of the side characters name, so I created a binder of all the information I needed (character profiles, character boards, etc..)


I hope you guys enjoyed this little Junerwrimo book update thing- It was an experiment and I think from now


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