Hunger Games Book Review By Suzanne Collins

I am sorry to all the hunger games fans about to read this review. In the first book in the trilogy, you meet Katniss Everdeen, a poor 16-year-old girl who lives in Panem a country which arose after the war in the ruins of North America. Panem is a country which is split into 12 districts and each year, each district send a boy and girl; 24 in all to battle to the death (just writing that made me nauseous) and the Victor goes on a tour of the all the districts as if saying; look at me, I killed your family member! drown me in riches! How does it make sense to praise someone for mass murder? If I am being honest, I hated the book. EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. Katniss is a horrible character, she is impossible to relate to, she is selfish, the plot is horrible, it’s obvious Peeta and Katniss are going to win?! why would she kill off the main character, I mean come on?! Also, why would she kiss Peeta when it’s obvious she is in love with Gale, so as You can tell I don’t like this book and I don’t recommend it what-so-ever. I give this book one star, for effort.

Characters: 1/5

Plot: 3/5

Entertainment: 1/5

Diversity: 2/5

Overall: 7/20 (35%)


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