Carry On Book Review By Rainbow Rowell

I walk to the bus station by myself. This is the first book of Rainbow Rowell’s fantasy novel Carry on. I loved this book! I loved this book so much there is now a poster of Simon and Baz on my wall in my bedroom. I will explain what I mean in a moment.

In the beginning, Simon is on this way to Watford when is an attack. For the first book, Simon is at Watford and Baz is missing. This is the part that I didn’t enjoy that much because Baz isn’t there and there is no conflict (or romance) between them. What I loved about the book is how cute Simon and Baz are! I love how Baz still calls him Snow even after they started dating and how Simon and Baz were making out one minute, but the next they were able to go back to business. I love how Baz doesn’t treat Simon any differently in front of Agatha and Penny.

It took 346 pages for Simon to kiss Baz and it was WONDERFUL! It took a few more chapters, but then finally Simon asks him. If I can be your terrible boyfriend” Baz changes the topic and at the end of the chapter Baz says

“You can have this if you want it”

I also loved the plot twist at the end, but I watched a book talk on it when I was half way through the book, so I knew what was coming…

The story begins with Simon returning to Watford, from one of his group homes. He is attacked by a troll but just cuts the head off. Once he arrives at school he finds out his roommate Baz is missing. He is suspicious, and convinced he is out plotting against Simon. Baz eventually arrives but doesn’t tell anyone where he’s been. The Veil had opened while Baz was gone, and his deceased mother visits Simon, and tells him that her killer still walks.

Baz and Simon become friends and they works together to defeat a dragon. Baz invites Simon to his house, and there they start dating. A battle immerses at Watford with the Mage, and the Hundrum. Simon gives the Hundrum his magic, and loses his powers. In the end Simon and Penny rent a flat together and Baz lives near by. He finally tells his father about Simon, and his somewhat OK with it. I really enjoyed this book, and recommend it to EVERYTHING

Characters: 5/5

Writing: 5/5

Originality: 4/5

Diversity: 5/5

Overall: 19/20 (98%)


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