Writing Update!!

Hey, guys! Long time no writing update! I’ve been away pretty much all summer but I thought I would pop in here and tell you guys how my writing has been going. So I finished my first draft of my book and decided to leave it alone for two weeks, and I was sure there was something wrong with it- I just didn’t know what. So I go on my vacation to Europe still determined not to touch it for two weeks (I technically still haven’t touched it) but five days in I realize what’s wrong with the book- there’s no plot. I mean there’s a plot but not a good one- they pretty much do nothing the entire book and I’m the author and I’m saying this, thankfully as I realize this an idea for the plot pops in my head; So I take my notebook which I had brought knowing myself well enough and started plotting.

Two days later I have a full outline and ready to start- so I leave it for the rest of vacation and now I’m starting my first draft. I’ve been editing Primmian but recently I did a read through and realized that a bunch of the ending is out of order and the old ending which I guess I never typed in so I have deleted the last ninety pages and need to rewrite it.


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