Between The Lines Book Review By: Jodi Picoult

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a brave king and beau51cJKQo4E-L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_tiful queen, who were so much in love that wherever they went, people stopped what they were doing just to watch them pass. This book was amazing, recently I have been in a reading slump and this book is so amazing to quote Hazel Grace Lancaster “ I would read the grocery list” I love the romance between Oliver and Delilah, so much they are so sarcastic it’s hilarious. I am sitting in bed giggling out loud like a five year old watching SpongeBob. I loved the contrast of POVS. Between Oliver, Delilah, and a fun twist the actual fairy tale itself. I loved this little twist on it, it helps you understand the book so much more.
I can relate to Delilah so much, I am exactly like her inside and out, from the constant battles with my parents about sports and books, or the fact I would rather spend my time reading than with friends instead. This book is so funny and for the first time since I finished the Heroes of Olympus series a couple gave me the feels again. Now if you don’t know what the feels are, you my friend are missing out. The feels are these feelings you get when a couple is so cute and they say something flirty and romantic, or that moment just before they are going to kiss, or they are just plain adorable and when you have felt them you know you’ve gotten it, and trust me it is the best feeling in the world.

Writing: 4/5

Characters: 4/5

Plot: 4/5

Diversity: 3/5

Overall: 15/20 (75%)

Writing Update!!

Hey, guys! Long time no writing update! I’ve been away pretty much all summer but I thought I would pop in here and tell you guys how my writing has been going. So I finished my first draft of my book and decided to leave it alone for two weeks, and I was sure there was something wrong with it- I just didn’t know what. So I go on my vacation to Europe still determined not to touch it for two weeks (I technically still haven’t touched it) but five days in I realize what’s wrong with the book- there’s no plot. I mean there’s a plot but not a good one- they pretty much do nothing the entire book and I’m the author and I’m saying this, thankfully as I realize this an idea for the plot pops in my head; So I take my notebook which I had brought knowing myself well enough and started plotting.

Two days later I have a full outline and ready to start- so I leave it for the rest of vacation and now I’m starting my first draft. I’ve been editing Primmian but recently I did a read through and realized that a bunch of the ending is out of order and the old ending which I guess I never typed in so I have deleted the last ninety pages and need to rewrite it.

Carry On Book Review By Rainbow Rowell

I walk to the bus station by myself. This is the first book of Rainbow Rowell’s fantasy novel Carry on. I loved this book! I loved this book so much there is now a poster of Simon and Baz on my wall in my bedroom. I will explain what I mean in a moment.

In the beginning, Simon is on this way to Watford when is an attack. For the first book, Simon is at Watford and Baz is missing. This is the part that I didn’t enjoy that much because Baz isn’t there and there is no conflict (or romance) between them. What I loved about the book is how cute Simon and Baz are! I love how Baz still calls him Snow even after they started dating and how Simon and Baz were making out one minute, but the next they were able to go back to business. I love how Baz doesn’t treat Simon any differently in front of Agatha and Penny.

It took 346 pages for Simon to kiss Baz and it was WONDERFUL! It took a few more chapters, but then finally Simon asks him. If I can be your terrible boyfriend” Baz changes the topic and at the end of the chapter Baz says

“You can have this if you want it”

I also loved the plot twist at the end, but I watched a book talk on it when I was half way through the book, so I knew what was coming…

The story begins with Simon returning to Watford, from one of his group homes. He is attacked by a troll but just cuts the head off. Once he arrives at school he finds out his roommate Baz is missing. He is suspicious, and convinced he is out plotting against Simon. Baz eventually arrives but doesn’t tell anyone where he’s been. The Veil had opened while Baz was gone, and his deceased mother visits Simon, and tells him that her killer still walks.

Baz and Simon become friends and they works together to defeat a dragon. Baz invites Simon to his house, and there they start dating. A battle immerses at Watford with the Mage, and the Hundrum. Simon gives the Hundrum his magic, and loses his powers. In the end Simon and Penny rent a flat together and Baz lives near by. He finally tells his father about Simon, and his somewhat OK with it. I really enjoyed this book, and recommend it to EVERYTHING

Characters: 5/5

Writing: 5/5

Originality: 4/5

Diversity: 5/5

Overall: 19/20 (98%)

Hunger Games Book Review By Suzanne Collins

I am sorry to all the hunger games fans about to read this review. In the first book in the trilogy, you meet Katniss Everdeen, a poor 16-year-old girl who lives in Panem a country which arose after the war in the ruins of North America. Panem is a country which is split into 12 districts and each year, each district send a boy and girl; 24 in all to battle to the death (just writing that made me nauseous) and the Victor goes on a tour of the all the districts as if saying; look at me, I killed your family member! drown me in riches! How does it make sense to praise someone for mass murder? If I am being honest, I hated the book. EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. Katniss is a horrible character, she is impossible to relate to, she is selfish, the plot is horrible, it’s obvious Peeta and Katniss are going to win?! why would she kill off the main character, I mean come on?! Also, why would she kiss Peeta when it’s obvious she is in love with Gale, so as You can tell I don’t like this book and I don’t recommend it what-so-ever. I give this book one star, for effort.

Characters: 1/5

Plot: 3/5

Entertainment: 1/5

Diversity: 2/5

Overall: 7/20 (35%)

Breaking Dawn Book Review By Stephiane Meyer

This book is the fourth and final book in the Twilight Saga Series. It is amazing. I loved it so much that when I finished, I shut the book and turned back to the first page. It is so good, It follows Bella and Edward who are now married and going on their honeymoon. Everything is good, Bella finally gets to be with Edward, that way. They are madly in love, and enjoying life but then they find out Bella is pregnant.
At first, they are very confused because they were convinced vampires could not have children. They soon find out that it is not a normal child, it is a half-human half vampire. Two-thirds of the book is from Bella’s point of view and one-third is from Jacobs. It is actually in Jacob’s view when she gives birth. The baby survives but Bella is about to die from blood loss but Edward turns her into a vampire just in time.
When it goes back to Bella’s view she is transforming into a vampire, she is thrashing in pain but on the outside, she is still as a bone. When she wakes up, her throat is burning and she goes hunting with Edward and nearly kills three men but stops herself. She meets Renesmee and nearly kills Jacob because he imprinted on her newborn baby.
Reneesme is growing fast within four months it looks like she was two years old. A family friend comes to visit and sees Renesmee and thinks she is a vampire child which is illegal and goes to the Volturi. The Cullens are put to the death sentence so the third part of the book is them trying to find people to stand against the Volturi with them to protect the child who is now about ten years old.
This book is so good, it had me sucked in the whole book, I read it in one go and just kept reading. I loved this book so much. I give this book four stars for one reason, they kind of just end it, they don’t really say what happens to Bella, does she go to college, do they go to New Hampshire? What happens?

Writing Style: 5/5
Originality: 3/5
Entertainment: 5/5

Diversity: 2/5
Overall: 15/20 (75%)


Anna, Lola, Isla Trilogy Book Review By Stephanie Perkins


Here is everything I know about France: Madeline and Amélie and Moulin Rouge. This is the first of Stephanie Perkins Anna and the French kiss. I really enjoyed this book. Is about this girl named Anna who goes to boarding school in Paris. Where she makes the dentist we had some kind hearted soul and Étienne St. Clair. Reminds me quite a bit of Augustus waters from the fault in our stars. Entire book Anna and Étienne become amazing friends and Anna falls head over heels in love with him. I loved about this book how realistic it was, I mean I’ve never been kissed but I don’t expect to be kissing a vampire or a werewolf. I like how there are awkward feelings between them. I love the fight they have in the library when Anna asked why did he go to Ellie’s and he says

“Because I was bloody breaking up with her!!”

How in the end they didn’t go to the same college because then they would fight and break up I love how Anna was finally fluent and she understood that conversation. And I really enjoyed this book and I really recommend it to anyone who enjoys romance.


I have three simple wishes. This is the first sentence in Lola and the Boy next door by Stephanie Perkins. This book is about a costume designer Lola, she is seventeen and her parents hate her 22-year-old boyfriend Max. Throughout the book Lola’s old crush 510DkEXfe2L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Cricket Bell moves back next door and turns her world upside down, everyone seems to realise she and cricket have feelings for each other except for them. They become really close friends, but Lola soon realises her feelings for Cricket never left. I really enjoyed this book and found it really entertaining. this is the second book in the Anna and the french kiss series, but you can read this one on it own.





This the first sentence in Isla and the Happily Ever after, the final novel in the Anna and the French Kiss series. This novel is actually based at the same time as Lola and the boy next door, about halfway through the book, Lola is watching TV with her bes5148autU8qL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_t friend Lindsey (don’t worry it’s not a spoiler) and she saw a guy on the TV, it is Anna friend and Etienne’s best friend from SOAP Josh. He features in the previous book Anna and the French Kiss, in this novel the main character Isla has had a crush on Josh her entire time at SOAP, and now that his friends are out of the school Josh and Isla become a lot closer. Throughout the book Josh and I go through ups and downs, but I won’t give anything away. I loved this book and it was a perfect way to end the series, through i would like to see what happens to Anna and Etienne. I LOVED this series, and it truly ends with a bang!

Writing: 5/5

Characters: 5/5

Plot: 5/5

Diversity: 3/5

Overall: 9/20 (90%)


Queen Of Shadows Book Review

I am still in the after shock of finishing it, but I feel different than I have ever felt before about finishing a book. I am not immediately craving the next book,  its deeper than that, I need that next book. Okay lets talk about the book itself, in the last book we left off with Caelena or as she now has reclaimed her old identity as Aelin Galathynius and came back to Rifthold and starts the plot against the king and Dorian. Soon she is plotting a plan to kill the prince and king. I wonder how that is going to go down…. haha I already know!


​I found the book title really confusing when I first started the book, but then they make reference to the title (Which made me so happy!) I really enjoyed the cover with Aelin standing there looking super bad ass with her sword and she is wearing her black suit that Arobynn gave her in The assassins sword (Book 0).

This story isn’t very specific, but the way they describe it I think it’s in a medieval like time. Especially the way they dress, because in Throne of Glass when Celaena is acting like Lillian (okay let me explain if you don’t remember; Aelin=Celeana=Lillian. Same person).

There are seven main characters, in Queen Of Shadows. There is Aelin, the main character; who is a total badass, she is queen of terrasen and she returns to Rifthold to free magic and kill Arobynn.

The next character is Rowan whom is Aelin’s carranium (which is a play on words for Mo anam cara which means Soul Mate in irish -_-!) He is so cool! He is described (By Aelin) and he has these super cool tattoos. I love Rowan and Aelin’s relationship and then THAT SCENE IN THE BEDROOM! I loved that scene when he’s thinking normally and then Aelin walks in wearing this sexy night gown and he’s like Holy sh**. It’s so funny, when he is so in love with Aelin he has to dump a bucket of water on himself. OMG THIS IS SO HARD WITHOUT EMOJIS.

Then there is Choal who was Celaena’s boyfriend before Aelin killed Celaena and became Aelin permanently. He was captain of the guard before the king put the collar on Dorian and became a ‘traitor’ to the kingdom, working towards freeing magic and freeing Dorian. At first he hates Aelin because of her magic (which is really hypercritical and sexist at first) because he is a guy and she is a girl. Then as he sees the Celaena he knew is still in Aelin they become friends sort of. Next there is Aedion who was captured by the king but Aelin goes all kickass and helps him escape! I felt really bad for him when he thought he was going to be able to give the blood oath and then he finds out that Rowan already gave it, my heart just broke. I also felt loved it so much at the end when Aedion goes into their room to tell Rowan something and Aelin and Rowan are making out; and Rowan doesn’t even have to look and he uses his wind powers to shut the door.

Next there is Dorian who was stuck in the valg body and couldn’t mourn the death of Sorscha, because he couldn’t remember her. That broke my heart. I love the ending; when Aelin and Dorian join hands and they killed the king. Then they were like the old world ends and the new one begins.

I think my favorite part in the book, is when Rowan returns and Aelin is playing cards and somehow she knows he is back?? She runs out into the alley and they hug and it is the most adorable thing ever!

In conclusion I loved this book. This is actually my second attempt of the review, but I’m pretty sure it’s over triple the length of before. I am so excited to see what the fifth book holds!